Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs Miltiadis Varvitsiotis’ interview with “Alpha Radio 989” radio station and journalists Giorgos Evgenidis and Nikolas Kamakaris – main points (Athens, 03.10.2022)


“In Prague, Mr Erdogan will understand that the revisionism he is projecting has no audience in the European Union,” Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs, Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, stressed in an interview today with “Alpha Radio 989” radio station and journalists Giorgos Evgenidis and Nikolas Kamakaris. He added that nowadays revisionism as a concept should not be accepted in Europe if we want to ensure a framework of peace, stability, and constructive relations among states.

Mr Varvitsiotis also pointed out that the escalation of Turkey’s revisionist policy, which now also raises issues of sovereignty of the Greek islands, is not acceptable, neither by Greece nor by the international community. When asked about the possibility of the “Turkish-Libyan memorandum” entering into force, he noted that it had not yet been formally ratified by the Libyan parliament.

Regarding the energy crisis, Mr. Varvitsiotis stated that there are countries that believe in the market’s conventional functioning and do not wish to interfere in it However, in his article in Bloomberg today, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis responds to them outlining “the safeguards that are required” for interventions to be effective, the Alternate Minister underscored.  “We have been discussing the energy issue for a very long time in Europe and the time has come for the necessary decisions to be taken,” concluded Mr Varvitsiotis, who will accompany the Prime Minister to the European Council in Prague on October 6.