Minister of Interior and Municipalities Raya Al-Hassan attended the Regional Conference on Urban Flexibility in the Middle East and North Africa, sponsored by Prime Minister Saad Hariri, upon the invitation of the Municipality of Beirut and in cooperation with the World Bank Group.

“Our government is determined to implement a package of reforms aimed not only at reviving the Lebanese economy, but also at fortifying it and providing it with the elements of stability and permanent flexibility,” Hassan said.

“Lebanon is fully aware of its need to enhance the resilience of its towns and cities and improve its ability to cope with shocks. In this context, Lebanon has committed itself since 2008 to the international agenda for disaster risk reduction,” she added.

“The urban flexibility strategy has been prepared with the Municipality of Beirut, and must be translated into action plans to build institutional capacity, use resources and prioritize investments,” the minister of interior added.

“The chaotic expansion towards the coastal cities of Lebanon is accompanied by a lack of urban planning and these cities suffer a severe shortage of infrastructure and urban services,” she said, adding that the situation has been exacerbated by the influx of large numbers of Syrian refugees since 2012, affecting the country at the social, developmental, economic and environmental levels.

Source: National News Agency