Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on verification of small-scale fishers

Small-scale fisheries expression of interest and a need for a South African identification document

This statement seeks to highlight important information in preparation for the verification of small-scale fishers in fishing communities by explaining the expression of interest process and the need for individuals to have a South African identity document.

An expression of interest is a process through which communities register an interest to the department to be part of the roll-out of small-scale fisheries. This includes verification of small-scale fishers and small-scale fishing communities. An expression of interest process was launched by the department on 27 February 2015, where communities were encouraged to indicate their interest to be visited by the department to be verified and considered as small-scale fishers.

Currently, more than 230 communities have expressed their interest in this process throughout the four coastal provinces. Individuals are encouraged to verify if their communities’ expressions of interests have been lodged and recorded by the department by downloading an expression of interest report at the following link:

Communities who have not yet submitted their expressions of interests are encouraged to do so by obtaining an expression of interest form at:

Alternatively, these forms can also be obtained from our compliance offices in four coastal provinces or from our Customer Service Centre, Foretrust Building, Martin Hammerschlag Way, Cape Town.

Communities can submit the completed expression of interest forms to any of the following options:


Fax: 021 402 3622

Also to all Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) Fisheries compliance offices

The Customer Service Centre at DAFF’s Fisheries Branch in Cape Town

Address: Foretrust Building, Ground floor, Martin Hammerschlag Way, Cape Town.

In addition, individuals who wish to be verified are encouraged to ensure that they are in possession of a South African green bar coded identity document or barcoded smart-card as issued by the Department of Home Affairs.

For further information regarding the implementation of small-scale fisheries expression of interest please contact:

Craig Smith (Director: Small-scale Fisheries Management)

Tel: 021 402 3344