Abou Faour: let us facilitate Salam's efforts

NNA – Let us facilitate Salam’s efforts aimed at restoring dynamic Arab-Lebanese relations, public Health minister Wael Abou-Faour told PSP Youth organizers in Rashayya/ south Lebanon today.

Alluding to Hezbollah’s “escalatory mood” vis-a-vis Saudi Arabia, the minister added that party of God’s political outbidding is tantamount to an indefensible option prone to complicate things by bringing them to a head with the monarchy. Also reiterating Lebanon’s pan Arab option, the minister added that the Lebanese ought not stand tests of vital Arab identity and interest, therefore they’d better stick to an axiomatic option chosen by our forbears that of “Arabdom”. The minister went on to accuse Hezbollah of jeopardizing the vital interest of thousands of Lebanese expat communities in the Gulf and Saudi Arabia by their regurgitated anti-Arab narrative.

Abou-Faour lastly addressed Socialist party youths as being vehicles of prospective anti-corruption drive in the life of both party and Rashaya district.

================== G.G./R.K.