A Future of the Fashion Industry in the Gulf region & specifically in Saudi Arabia

The Gulf region- A future Hub of Fashion Industry

As time goes by, the Gulf region is being seen as the international hub of the fashion industry in the future and that is because there are so many talented entrepreneurs from the Gulf region stunning the world with their remarkable talent and work, despite the fact that they come across many kinds of hurdles to make a way into the field of fashion. Currently, Dubai is being considered as the city that can be leveraged to boost up this industry, as experts have found it a platform for the people from all across the Gulf region to come up with their remarkable work and get international recognition. As the Gulf region is currently in the defining moment as far as its stability and security is concerned, so the immediate progress of the fashion industry in the Gulf region cannot be expected and it must be given a time.

The Future of Fashion Industry in K.S.A

In the Gulf region, the country which is presumed to oppose the progress of the fashion industry in the region, is none other than Saudi Arabia, but that myth now must be denied as the Saudi Arabia is totally different from what the rest of the world presumes it, when it comes to the rights of women and the fashion industry. One of our wrong approaches, is that we associate “giving the less rights to women and the hurdles to reveal the moderate face of K.S.A with country’s religious norms and customs and from that point we make the complex scenario for the fashion industry to grow in the Gulf region. This indicates that to show its moderate face to the rest of the world, K.S.A will have to come up with some effective measures in order to let the acceptance of modernism prevail in the society and that will only happen if getting the education becomes the first priority in the society. From that point, one can think of the progress of fashion industry in both K.S.A and the rest of the Gulf region as education has the power to change the minds of people and move towards current trends in all the fields.

The Women of Saudi Arabia and fashion Industry

The women of Saudi Arabia are revealing their talents in the field of fashion and one of them is Riyadh-based fashion designer Arwa Al-Ammari, who is a founder of ArAm and nowadays she is the most prominent personality as far as her efforts in the fashion industry, is concerned. She has been in touch with many kinds of arts since her childhood and that became the reason for her to stand out as the leading fashion designer from K.S.A.

More Insight about her

As she was much devoted to her work, so that made her start producing her own outfits, that got much popular and became the reason for her to get into the limelight. She has not only succeeded to inspire people from all across the world, in fact, she got able to turn them out into her customers. This has made her think to refine her talent more and get enrolled in a prestigious fashion academy and that sort of talent must be appreciated by the state and make this newly established fashion industry flourish.