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JAC Motors Broadens Reach In Africa, Expands Presence to 28 Countries In 2018

HEFEI, China, Feb. 21, 2019 /PR Newswire/¬† — Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp., Ltd. (JAC Motors), China’s leading automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturer, has announced the results of its expansion program in Africa in 2018, declaring that it has established a presence in 28 countries across the continent. Spurred on by China’s Belt and Road initiative (BRI), the country’s program to fund and build infrastructure projects around the world along the ancient Silk Road trade routes, JAC Motors has recorded exports of its SUVs, light-duty trucks, medium- & heavy-duty trucks, pickup trucks, vans, sedans, MPV and motor coaches to 28 African countries, including Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Angola, South Africa, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Congo (Kinshasa), Mozambique, and more.

JAC Motors Broadens Reach In Africa, Expands Presence to 28 Countries In 2018.

The gains that JAC Motors has made in the African market can be attributed to its emphasis on product quality and localization, as well as its after sales system. “We are proud of our accomplishments in Africa in 2018. JAC Motors has focused on localization while improving product development and quality,” said the head of overseas development at JAC Motors. “In addition, we have been working with local dealers and distributors to build up our after-sales service capabilities, including a five-year or 150,000-kilometre warranty. We’ve also sent technology specialists to give necessary support and training for the distributors’ after-sales staff. These strategies have helped JAC Motors create a positive association with our brand among African consumers.”

Since its entry into the Algerian market in 2002, JAC Motors has steadily grown its footprint in Africa.¬†Over the following 16 years the company has exported nearly 85,000 units, expanding the scope of its sales during that time from light-duty trucks to include all of its passenger and commercial vehicles. Some of JAC Motor’s most significant achievements include:

  • Rapid growth of pickup and light-duty trucks sales in Nigeria, making JAC Motors the second-largest Chinese automaker by export value in the country;
  • JAC Motor’s light-duty truck continues to be the best seller in Algeria, Mozambique and Congo (Kinshasa);
  • The company has sold 5,000 passenger vehicles in Egypt since 2015, making it the largest Chinese exporter of SUVs in the region;
  • In 2018, the company introduced their pickup and light-duty range of trucks in the well-established South African market, marking a significant breakthrough.

Moreover, JAC has completed the first steps in its transition from a simple product exporter to a technology and capital exporter in African continent through the establishment of local plants and joint ventures. The company currently operates local manufacturing and assembling bases in Nigeria, Sudan and Angola. It has also established an East African joint venture with Aviation Industry in Kenya, besides JAC Motors and its partner to build Africa’s largest light truck SKD assembly base in Algeria.

Moving forward, JAC Motors remains committed to the development of the African auto market in and is currently preparing for the opening of its SKD assembly projects in South Africa and Egypt while actively seeking manufacturing, technical development, sales, service and auto finance partners in the region to further the company’s expansion.

About JAC Motors

Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp., Ltd. (JAC Motors) is a comprehensive automotive group covering the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, and power trains, with the integration of advanced energy-saving vehicles, new energy vehicles, and smart, connected vehicles. JAC ranked 50th among the top 100 global automobile brands in 2018, and holds the leading position among Chinese auto brands. For more information, please visit: http://jacen.jac.com.cn

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Pope to Sex Abuse Summit: ‘Transform This Evil,’ Faithful Demand It

VATICAN CITY Pope Francis warned church leaders summoned Thursday to a landmark sex abuse prevention summit that the Catholic faithful are demanding more than just condemnation of the crimes of priests but concrete action to respond to the scandal.

Francis opened the four-day summit by telling the Catholic hierarchy that their own responsibility to deal effectively with priests who rape and molest children weighed on the proceedings.

Listen to the cry of the young, who want justice, and seize the opportunity to transform this evil into a chance for understanding and purification, Francis told the 190 leaders of bishops conferences and religious orders.

The holy people of God are watching and expect not just simple and obvious condemnations, but efficient and concrete measures to be established, he warned.

More than 30 years of scandal

More than 30 years after the scandal first erupted in Ireland and Australia and 20 years after it hit the U.S., bishops and Catholic officials in many parts of Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia still either deny that clergy sex abuse exists in their regions or downplay the problem.

Francis, the first Latin American pope, called the summit after himself botching a well-known sex abuse cover-up case in Chile last year. Realizing he had erred, he has vowed to chart a new course and is bringing the rest of the church leadership along with him.

The summit is meant as a tutorial for church leaders to learn the importance of preventing sex abuse in their churches, tending to victims and investigating the crimes when they occur.

Survivors flock to Rome, seek justice

In the keynote speech, Manila Cardinal Luis Tagle choked up several times as he told the bishops that the wounds the scandal has caused among the faithful recalled the wounds of Christ on the cross. He demanded they longer run in fear or turn a blind eye to the harm caused by clergy sex abuse and their own inaction to halt the problem.

Faith that would like to close its eyes to people’s suffering is just an illusion, he said.

Abuse survivors have turned out in droves, coming to Rome to demand accountability and transparency from church leaders, saying the time of cover-ups is over.

Phil Saviano, who helped expose the U.S. abuse scandal by priests two decades ago, demanded that the Vatican release the names of abusers and their files.

Do it to break the code of silence, he told the organizing committee on the eve of the summit. Do it out of respect for the victims of these men, and do it to help prevent these creeps from abusing any more children.

Lowered expectations

The Vatican isn’t expecting any miracles or even a final document to come out of the summit, and the pope himself has tried to lower expectations.

But organizers say the meeting marks a turning point in the way the Catholic Church has dealt with the problem, with Francis’ own acknowledgment of his mistakes in handling the Chile abuse case a key point of departure.

Our lack of response to the suffering of victims, yes even to the point of rejecting them and covering up the scandal to protect perpetrators and the institution has injured our people, Tagle said in his speech. The result, he said, had left a deep wound in our relationship with those we are sent to serve.

Statue pulled down

Before the Vatican summit opened, activists in Poland pulled down a statue of a priest early Thursday after increasing allegations that he sexually abused minors. They said the stunt was to protest the failure of the Polish Catholic Church in resolving the problem of clergy sex abuse.

Video footage showed three men attaching a rope around the statue of the late Monsignor Henryk Jankowski in the northern city of Gdansk and pulling it to the ground in the dark. They then placed children’s underwear in one of the statue’s hands and a white lace church vestment worn by altar boys on the statue’s body.

The private broadcaster TVN24 reported the three men were arrested.

Jankowski, who died in 2010, rose to prominence in the 1980s through his support for the pro-democracy Solidarity movement against Poland’s communist regime. World leaders including President George H.W. Bush and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher visited his church in recognition of his anti-communist activity.

Source: Voice of America

President Cyril Ramaphosa responds to debate in National House of Traditional Leaders, 21 Feb

President Cyril Ramaphosa will today, 21 February 2019, respond to the debate in the National House of Traditional Leaders (NHTL) on the address delivered by the President to the House on Tuesday, 19 February.

The members of the NHTL, supported by senior traditional leaders from provinces, will debate the President’s address which sets out government’s priorities for the year ahead.

The official opening address, delivered annually by the President after the State of the Nation Address, affords an opportunity to the nation’s traditional leadership to engage on how the President’s vision touches on communities under traditional authority and the role they can play in moving South Africa forward.

Source: Government of South Africa

Minister Jeff Radebe hands over school shoes as part of Back to School Campaign in KwaZulu-Natal, 22 Feb

The Minister of Energy, Mr Jeff Radebe in partnership with Central Energy Fund (CEF) will distribute school shoes as part of the Back to School Campaign in Ndwedwe and Kwa-Mashu, KZN on Friday, 22 February 2019.

The campaign is aimed at assisting children from poor socio-economic backgrounds by providing them with a new pair of shoes in order to restore HOPE, PRIDE and DIGNITY.

Source: Government of South Africa

Presidency convenes colloquium on land reform, 22 Feb

The Presidency convenes colloquium on Land Reform

The Advisory Panel on Land Reform, chaired by Dr Vuyo Mahlati, will engage participants with the objective of framing discussion papers towards formulating specific policy proposals on land reform. A final submission by this panel is expected to be compiled and presented to The Presidency by 15 March 2019.

The Advisory Panel on Land Reform was appointed by President Cyril Ramaphosa to provide independent advice to the Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) comprised of 11 Cabinet Ministers and chaired by Deputy President David Mabuza.

The Panel’s mandate is to provide a unified policy perspective on land reform in respect of restitution, redistribution and tenure reform. The work of the panel is partly informed by a resolution of Parliament to consider expropriation of land without compensation.

Source: Government of South Africa