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Le Forum collaboratif pour l’innovation et le développement de la nouvelle route de la soie et la cérémonie de clôture du programme de formation C Blue de China Merchants se sont déroulés au bâtiment de China Merchants Port dans la zone franche de Shekou

SHENZHEN, Chine, 19 novembre 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Dans l’après-midi du 15 novembre, la cérémonie de clôture du programme de formation intitulé Bâtir des rêves bleus – Programme de formation sur la Route de la soie maritime du XIXe siècle (appelée succinctement « programme de formation C Blue ») s’est déroulé au bâtiment de China Merchants Port dans la zone franche de Shekou. 27 stagiaires venus de 11 pays de 4 continents ont complété la formation et ont obtenu des diplômes avec mention.

Closing Ceremony Group Photo

Lors de la cérémonie de clôture, les stagiaires ont reçu leur tout premier diplôme chinois. Tout au long du mois, ces derniers ont non seulement acquis des connaissances professionnelles, mais ont également élargi leurs horizons. Ils ont visité de nombreuses villes pour découvrir la vitalité de l’économie et de la société chinoises et explorer les stratégies de développement de la Chine. Ils comprennent désormais mieux et plus clairement l’autoamélioration et le développement national de ces villes.

Le même jour au matin, le Forum collaboratif pour l’innovation et le développement de la nouvelle route de la soie, organisé par China Merchants Port et i Port, s’est tenu avec succès.

Communications through Forum

Le forum était divisé en trois parties : un discours liminaire, un débat et un discours de clôture. Lors du discours liminaire, des experts du ministère des Transports, de Drury, de l’Université de Tianjin, de China Merchants Port et d’autres établissements ont discuté avec les stagiaires du programme C Blue de « la possibilité de copier et d’appliquer le modèle commercial chinois », de « l’éventuelle contribution de la Chine au-delà des fonds de construction » et de « l’interconnexion mondiale qu’ils assurent à partir de la coopération et de l’amitié pour construire un avenir meilleur ».

Le succès du programme de formation C Blue de 2018 a davantage renforcé l’influence du groupe China Merchants dans les pays situés le long de la nouvelle route de la soie et a fourni une explication plus approfondie de la mission entrepreneuriale de China Merchants Port résumée par le slogan WE CONNECT THE WORLD (NOUS CONNECTONS LE MONDE). En parallèle, la coopération avec l’Université de Tianjin a également été renforcée. Le succès du Forum collaboratif C Blue pour l’innovation et le développement de la nouvelle route de la soie met en avant les opportunités et les défis auxquels la Chine doit faire face dans le cadre de son processus de mondialisation et fournit efficacement aux stagiaires des pays situés le long de la nouvelle route de la soie une séduisante « carte de visite » du géant pays asiatique.

Group Photo for Forum

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/786140/CMPORT_closing_ceremony.jpg
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Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/786141/CMPORT_group_photo.jpg

Government activities for the week, 19 to 25 Nov

Government has scheduled the following briefings/activities for the week: 19 � 25 November 2018. The activities, which are aligned to the National Development Plan and outlined in the Medium Term Strategic Framework 2014-2019, are undertaken to build a better South Africa.

Deputy President David Mabuza, will on Monday, 19 November, address the National Men’s Parliament at the Old Assembly, Parliament in Cape Town.

The Minister of Cooperative Governance and Tradition Affairs, DrZweliMkhize, will on Tuesday, 20 November, host a walkabout in Philipi in the Western Cape as part of theNationalImbizo Fortnight of Activism.

The Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, MsLindiweSisulu, will undertake a visit to Moscow, Russian Federation, where she will co-chair the 15th session of the annual South Africa-Russia Intergovernmental Committee on Trade and Economic Co-operation (ITEC), scheduled for 19-21 November 2018. The South Africa-Russia Business Forum will take place on the margins of ITEC and present its report to the Ministerial Plenary session on 21 November 2018.

On Monday, 19 November, Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, Ms. NosiviweMapisa-Nqakula will host a Gender Based Violence and Intimate Femicide Dialogue at the Apostolic Faith Mission in Kwathema, in partnership with almost ten NGOs in the area.

From 19 to 24 November, The Department of Communications, will in the Free State Province, to conduct door to door registrations; activations at taxi ranks and public education at Municipality halls or multipurpose centres in all identified towns. The Free State Province is proud to be the first province to be switched off in December, 2018.

President Cyril Ramaphosa will on Tuesday, 20 November 2018, host the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, His Excellency President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, on a State Visit to South Africa. The visit will take place in Cape Town.

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in collaboration with the Department of Rural, Environment and Agricultural Development will host the 2nd National Extension and Advisory Services Awards in Mahikeng, North West on 20 November 2018. The awards will promote and create awareness about the imperative role Extension and Advisory Services play in the entire agricultural, forestry and fisheries’ development.

The Deputy Minister for the Public Service and Administration, Dr Chana PilaneMajake, will on Monday 19 November, visit Tsomo, in IntsikaYethu Local Municipality in the Eastern Cape on community Imbizo to engage with local residents on issues of service delivery.

On Wednesday, 21 November, Auditor General KimiMakwetu, will release the audit results of the country’s national and provincial departments and their entities for the 2017-18 financial year at the Imbizo Media Centre in Cape Town.

On Thursday, 22 November, the Chairperson of the IMC on the Centenary of Nelson Mandela and AlbertinaSisulu, Minister, Mr Jeff Radebe, will launch the Women of Fortitude at the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

The Minister of Communications, MsNomvulaMokonyane, will on Thursday, 22 November, host a dialogue to end violence against women and children in Sedgefield, Knysna as part of the National Imbizo Fortnight of Activism.

Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom, will on Thursday, 22 November, address the first ever Africa Leaders Forum of the World Travel and Tourism Council in Stellenbosch, Western Cape. The Africa Leaders Forum will bring together travel CEOs, African Ministers and regional leaders to discuss issues such as travel facilitation and connectivity; community empowerment & wildlife; human capital development and the use of digital technology to enhance tourism growth.

On Friday, 23 November, Ministers in the Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Cluster host a crime imbizo in Hillbrow, Johannesburg as part of the National Imbizo Fortnight of Activism.

All members of the media are advised that the media briefings/activities are subject to change. However, the GCIS will update the media through advisories.

Source: Government of South Africa

Migration at Top of Agenda of Spanish PM’s 1st Morocco Visit

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez urged greater cooperation on migration while making his first visit Monday to Morocco, a jumping-off point for a growing number of migrants trying to reach Spain and get a foothold in Europe.

Spain is one of the North African kingdom’s strongest European allies, and enhanced collaboration on all levels was a focus of Sanchez’s visit. It was among the topics discussed at a lunch hosted by Moroccan King Mohammed VI, the official MAP news agency said.

Controlling migration from Morocco to Spain was the focus of Sanchez’s talks with Moroccan Prime Minister SaadEddine El Othmani.

“Migration is a shared responsibility, and we need to strengthen our cooperation,” Sanchez said at their joint news conference.

El Othmani said Morocco “is doing everything in its power” to fight illegal immigration, but insisted the complex issue “cannot be solved solely by the security approach.”

“Despite the importance of security, we must focus on the development of countries of departure in Africa,” Othmani said.

Many migrants in Morocco who embark for Spain are sub-Saharan Africans.

Moroccan authorities say the kingdom prevented 65,000 migrants from crossing to Spain in 2017. However, Morocco says it cannot be the region’s immigration police.

Morocco’s place as a point of passage has grown with Italy’s refusal to take in migrants who try to cross the Mediterranean Sea from Libya. The Libyan coast guard, with help from the Italian government, increasingly has intercepted flimsy boats launched by migrant smugglers.

Migrants head to northern Morocco with the aim of crossing the Strait of Gibraltar to Spain or climbing over high fences to reach the Spanish enclaves in North Africa, Ceuta and Melilla.

Nearly 47,500 migrants arrived in Spain by sea since the start of the year, while 564 died or went missing while attempting the voyage, according to the International Organization of Migration.

Morocco, along with Tunisia and Algeria, has refused to serve as an immigration reception and processing center, an idea proposed by the European Union. Morocco instead wants more EU funding to help manage migration across its borders.

Morocco is scheduled to host an international U.N.-sponsored conference on migration on December 10-11.

Source: Voice of America

US Targets South African Who Helped North Korea Skirt Oil Sanctions

The U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned a Russian-born South African citizen Monday, alleging the man helped North Korea evade sanctions to purchase oil.

VladlenAmtchentsev, 49, purportedly helped North Korea obtain fuel oil and gas oil, and worked with Singapore front companies to launder millions of dollars through the U.S. to help sanctioned North Korean banks.

Amtchentsev’s assets in the U.S. will be blocked, and U.S. citizens will be prohibited from dealing with him.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said, North Korea depends upon the help of criminals and illicit actors to raise and transfer funds … Treasury will continue to enforce and implement sanctions against any actor that seeks to aid the regime’s deceptive practices.

Source: Voice of America

Cameroon’s Disabled Rally for Peace

Disabled people in Cameroon are protesting the deepening crisis in the country’s English-speaking regions after clashes between government forces and armed separatists killed several handicapped people. A number of people caught up in the fighting have been made disabled as well. Their protests in towns across Cameroon Monday comes after a bloody weekend, in which at least 25 armed men and several troops were killed.

Fifty-four-year-old Martin Ndende was among dozens of disabled Cameroonians protesting near the Ministry of Defense Monday against the killing of handicapped people.

Ndende, who has had a hearing impairment for 35 years, went to teach philosophy in the English-speaking northwestern town of Kom in September 2017.

He was there for barely a month when armed separatists attacked and torched his school for refusing to close its doors.

Ndende says he and several teachers were abducted and tied to a tree. It was a week before Cameroon’s military came to the rescue, too late to save his broken right hand, which had to be amputated.

Ndende says he is an unfortunate victim of the offensive things armed gangs do to people in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. He simply went to educate children in the restive areas, he says, because true patriots and loving parents would never accept to compromise the education of their children. Even in war-torn countries, children are protected and allowed their right to education, says Ndende.

Christopher Ayombe is leader of Cameroon’s Coalition of People Living with Disabilities. He organized the protests in towns in the restive regions and Yaounde to urge both the military and separatists to stop killing civilians, especially the handicapped.

“We are going to educate the military services how to engage persons with disabilities in crisis time. We have persons with disabilities who do not hear and they were shot down based on the fact that they gave instructions and they did not hear. So, in such situations, how do you identify someone who do[es] not hear? How do you identify somebody who cannot see?” asked Ayombe.

Cameroon’s military says over the weekend it killed 20 terrorists in Kom, including a separatist general known as Amigo.

Ayombe says a blind civilian was killed during the clashes in Kom because nobody helped him escape the shooting.

At least 12 disabled people have disappeared during the two-year conflict and are feared dead, says Ayombe.

Spokesman for Cameroon’s military Colonel Didier Badjeck says troops do their best to avoid civilian casualties.

He says Cameroon’s defense minister always reminds his military on the need to remain professional even in difficult moments and does not hesitate to punish any soldier found to have abused the rights of citizens. While the military respects the rights of all citizens, says Badjeck, armed terrorists – who often take drugs – attack and kill civilians.

Badjeck did not give specific examples of troops punished for abuses.

Cameroon’s military says more than 1,200 people have been killed in the past year of fighting between security and separatists, while hundreds have been abducted.

Last weekend, armed men abducted 16 Roman Catholic nuns in the northwestern town of Kumbo. They were set free unharmed a day later.

Earlier this month, suspected separatists kidnapped 79 students and three staff from a school in the northwest. All were released within days.

Rights groups accuse both the Cameroon military and separatists fighting for an independent English-speaking state of using excessive force.

Nearly a quarter-million more people have fled the ongoing violence.

Source: Voice of America