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ملاعب كأس العالم تعزز المكانة العالمية لشركة إس آي إس بيتشيز الإنجليزية

لندن، 14 يوليو / تموز، 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

نهائي موسكو يقام على أول عشب هجين من نوعه

يشهد الأحد إقامة نهائي كأس العالم لكرة القدم، الذي يعد النهائي الأول على الإطلاق الذي يقام على

8 Endangered Black Rhinos Die in Kenya After Relocation

Eight critically endangered black rhinos are dead in Kenya following an attempt to move them from the capital to a national park hundreds of kilometers away, the government said Friday, calling the toll “unprecedented” in …

Heavy Rain Complicates Life for Thousands of Displaced Ethiopians

Aid agencies say more than 800,000 people, displaced by violence in southern Ethiopia, are facing a humanitarian crisis as the rainy season sets in with inadequate shelter to protect them from cold, wet weather. Hundreds …

Separatists Target Cameroon’s Defense Minister, Defense Chief

Armed separatists fighting for creation of an English-speaking state in Cameroon opened fire on the country’s defense minister and defense chief Friday. Neither official was hurt but at least 10 people were killed in the …

Ethiopian Lost His Legs in Prison, Rebuilds Life as Free Man

When Kefyalew Tefera emerged from Ethiopia’s Kaliti Prison last month after 12 years of confinement, it was in a wheelchair with both of his legs missing, but with an overwhelming sense of gratitude intact.

“What …