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Secretary‑General’s Special Representative Hails Kosovo Local Election Turnout While Citing Intimidation, in Briefing to Security Council

Russian Federation Says Pristina Could Stoke Ethno‑Religious Conflict, as United States Declares UNMIK Mandate Fulfilled

Kosovo’s peaceful and orderly municipal elections on 19 October had seen a significant increase in participation by ethnic Serbs in areas where …

Extending Arms Embargoes on Somalia, Eritrea, Security Council Adopts Resolution 2385 (2017) by 11 votes in Favour, 4 Abstentions

Key Representatives Disagree on Text’s Effectiveness with Sanctions, Compliance

The Security Council today extended the modified arms embargo on Somalia and the authorization for maritime interdiction of illicit arms imports and charcoal exports until 15 November 2018, …

Artificially cooling the planet could have devastating effects

GeoengineeringArtificially cooling the planet could have devastating effects

Published 14 November 2017

Geoengineering — the intentional manipulation of the climate to counter the effect of global warming by injecting aerosols artificially into the atmosphere

Written question – Money laundering and tax evasion in any part of the world where EU-based organisations are involved – E-006752/2017

The EU is South Africa’s most important development and trade partner. The Commission is probably aware of the recent scandal involving the South African President Jacob Zuma and companies owned by the Gupta family. In …

Written question – Plant health checks on citrus fruit imports from southern Africa in European ports – E-006778/2017

Valencian ports have traditionally been the main points of entry for citrus fruit into Europe and still receive citrus imports arriving from Argentina and Uruguay. However, citrus fruit arriving from southern Africa does not pass …