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Second Committee Introduces 36 Draft Resolutions, Including Texts on Protecting Global Climate, Development Needs of Middle-Income Countries

The Second Committee (Economic and Financial) met today to introduce 36 draft resolutions, including one highlighting the adverse effects of climate change, such as persistent drought, extreme weather, land degradation, sea level rise and retreat of …

High Commissioner Describes New Model Placing Refugee, Migrant Rights at Heart of Crisis Response, as Third Committee Hears Calls for Sharing Responsibility

The High Commissioner for Refugees described a new model for meeting the needs of millions around the world forced to flee their homes due to crisis, presenting his annual report to the Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian …

As General Assembly Adopts Annual Resolution Urging End to United States Embargo on Cuba, Delegates Voice Concern About Possible Reversal of Previous Policy

The General Assembly today adopted its annual resolution calling for an end to the United States-led economic, commercial and financial embargo on Cuba, expressing near universal concern over President Donald Trump’s announced intention to tighten …

Sandia’s international peer mentorship program improves management of biorisks

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BiothreatsSandia’s international peer mentorship program improves management of biorisks

Published 2 November 2017

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected. While this has definite advantages, it also makes it easier to spread disease. Many diseases

Deputy Secretary-General Stresses Need for Shift from Managing to Preventing Disasters through Better Handling of Existing Risks

Following are UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed’s remarks on building resilience to natural hazards, including tsunamis, and the need to reduce disaster risk for the Sustainable Development Goals, as prepared for delivery in New York …