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Storm surge prediction tool helps emergency managers

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Storm surgesStorm surge prediction tool helps emergency managers

Published 18 September 2017

When severe, life threatening weather systems bear down on residents and communities, emergency managers needed every tool available to make informed decisions

5 Stories to Follow for UN Week

Every UNGA has its sideshows. In past years, this has included things like Muammar Gaddafi’s rambling 125 minute speech; Hugo Chavez suggesting George W. Bush was literally the devil, or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Moon, Trump vow stronger pressure against N. Korea

NNA – US President Donald Trump and his South Korean counterpart have pledged “stronger pressure” on Pyongyang, Seoul said Sunday, after North Korea defied tough new sanctions with a missile test and said it wanted …

Children Flee, Fight Amid Congo’s Growing Kasai Violence

DAKAR Congo’s Kasai region is the latest deadly hotspot in the vast Central African country that has had violent rebellions for decades. Once again, children are among the most vulnerable victims.

Well over 1 million …

Monuments to honour African activists on cards

A monument in honour of activists who lost their lives during various stages of the fight for liberation in Africa could be built in the near future.

There are proposals that the monuments be situated …