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Devon farmer Peter Garland trapped and killed by tractor with…

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A poorly-maintained brake caused a Devon farmer to be trapped and killed by his own tractor as he cut grass one morning.

Peter Keble Garland was born on June 8, 1941, and worked

VIDEO: Vicious brawl between huntsmen and hunt sabs left man with…

This is the shocking moment a vicious brawl erupts between huntsmen and protesters in North Devon – leaving one animal rights activist with a fractured skull.


There is more to the Westcountry then rolling hills and roaming…

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Many not familiar with the Westcountry, see the South West as a land of milk and honey, roaming sheep, rolling moorland – and not much else.

They are wrong, writes Totnes MP Anne-Marie

MABS supports people dealing with debt

Nicky Rossiter.

AN OFFICER at Wexford’s Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) has called upon any person in the community struggling with debt to seek support and take a brave step towards relieving themselves of …

Schengen area: Council recommends prolongation of internal border controls


Under article 29 of the Schengen Borders Code, the Commission may propose a recommendation, to be adopted by the Council by qualified majority, to reintroduce controls at all or specific parts of the border …