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City of Windhoek announce that it will complete pipe replacement work on one of the main water supply lines along Kornalyn Street

WINDHOEK: The City of Windhoek has announced that it will be completing pipe replacement work on one of the main water supply lines along Kornalyn Street in the Khomasdal residential area soon.

In a media statement availed to Nampa yesterday, City of Windhoek Manager for Corporate Communications and Customer Care Joshua Amukugo said the pipe replacement is scheduled for 20 November and will take around 13 hours to complete.

This will cause water supply interruptions and/or a loss in pressure in all streets adjacent to Kornalyn Street from 08h00 until 20h00.

Amukugo apologised for the inconvenience caused as a result of the water supply interruptions, and said the City of Windhoek remains committed to delivering effective and efficient services, in so doing enhancing the quality of life of all Windhoek residents.

Plans for dairy processing and packaging plant making steady progress

GOBABIS: Plans for the dairy processing and packaging plant envisaged for the Omaheke Region have been making steady progress.

Constant briefing sessions with the Office of the President, relevant ministries and members of the community at large have been taking place on a regular basis to sensitise them of the new development.

An advisory committee which will guide and advise on the progress and the logistics during the formative process, has also been formed, while a feasibility study and the finalisation of a business plan is the next step in line in the effort to bring the large scale development to the Omaheke Region.

A team of experts in the dairy industry from India, which was in the country last week, has expressed satisfaction with the developments made with regards to the project.

During a consultative meeting yesterday with the Omaheke Regional Council, stakeholders, and farmers; the Indian delegation re-committed itself to assist in any regard in ensuring the project becomes a reality.

Special Advisor to the Omaheke Regional Governor, Pio Nganate, who is also the chairperson of the interim steering activities pertaining to the project, said they are also considering milk by-products as a side business venture.

Swanu unveils tombstone for Imbu Uirab

WINDHOEK: Swanu of Namibia on Saturday held a tombstone unveiling for Swanu stalwart Imbu Uirab, who died in 2002.
Uirab was born in the capital in 1954, and he was buried at the Old Location cemetery in Windhoek. He served as the party’s deputy president.
Swanu members, sympathisers and relatives gathered at the Old Location cemetery on Saturday morning to pay tribute to Uirab, who they called one of the “unsung heroes of the struggle”.
In a speech read on his behalf by Swanu deputy organising secretary Unaani Kawami, Swanu President Usutuaije Maamberua described Uirab as a fighter who lived and struggled for the people of Namibia.
Uirab joined Swanu in the 1970’s.
“Comrade Uirab was a dedicated fighter for our freedom. His name became known far and wide for his role in the home-front campaigns and foreign countries,” Kawami said.
He went on to say that the tombstone is a symbol of the party’s collective memory of the late Uirab.
“Heroes like him should have a proper national monument in their honour. Uirab is no longer with us, but he lives in our hearts as we build a better life for all, a cause to which he dedicated his life,” he said.
The party also launched a welfare association named after Uirab aimed at seeking donations to assist people living with HIV/AIDS, former refugees, the landless and orphans and vulnerable children.
The association will be chaired by former Swanu president Gerson Hitjevi Veii.

Two accidents involving pedestrians reported in Windhoek

WINDHOEK; The Windhoek Emergency Services were called out to two separate accidents where pedestrians were hit by vehicles on Friday night. The incidents happened less than minutes apart.
In the first incident, a man believed to be in his twenties was hit by a vehicle after he tried to cross the road near the central shops in Katutura. According to an eyewitness the man was allegedly under the influence of alcohol when the accident occurred. Superintendent Belinda Griekwa from the Windhoek City Police told Nampa the driver of the vehicle fled the scene after he was attacked by a group of people who were also believed to be under the influence of alcohol. He only returned after the City Police arrived at the scene as he feared for his life, and was not arrested or found to be under the influence of alcohol. The injured man was taken to the Katutura State Hospital.
In a separate incident, another man believed to be in his twenties was seriously injured after he was hit by a taxi in Independence Avenue at around 22h30 while trying to cross the road. He sustained serious head injuries and his left leg was broken due to the impact. The Windhoek Emergency Services arrived at the scene within five minutes and stabilised the man before taking him to hospital. The taxi driver’s alcohol levels were also tested by the police, but he tested negative.
City Police Superintendent Helena Mootseng told Nampa on Saturday that in both cases, curious onlookers put their own safety and that of other road users in danger as they flocked to the accident scenes. She said this makes it difficult for the police to carry out their duty as they have to manage the crowds in addition to attending to the accident, while the member of the emergency services also have to fight their way through the crowd to get to the injured parties.

Keetmans teacher implicated in murder case

KEETMANSHOOP; A former JA Nel Secondary School teacher made another appearance in court on charges of murder in connection with the death of a 38-year-old man here in 2008.
The 37-year-old Willem Frederick Jahrs and his co-accused, Lucky Eiman, 28 allegedly beat and stabbed the 38-year-old Hendrik Witbooi, causing his death here on the night of 13 April 2008.
The attack happened behind PK de Villiers Secondary School in the area between the railway line and the B1 road in Keetmanshoop.
At the continuation of the trial on Friday, the court heard that Jahrs, Eiman and another friend had been walking from the Noordhoek residential area to the Kronlein residential area in the late hours of the evening when they came across an unknown and reportedly drunk man.
In his testimony, Eiman said he, Jahrs and Adriaan Coetzee had been approaching the B1 road when Jahrs stopped to urinate. It was at this time that the unknown man walked by and allegedly swore at Jahrs, who had been urinating some distance from where they were waiting.
Eiman stated that he and Coetzee then heard the two men insulting each other, and he decided to walk back to where they were.
“I went back to them and found accused two (Jahrs) on top of the man, repeatedly beating him with his fists. I took Jahrs off the unknown man, who was unconscious, and we left him lying there,” he told the court. They then walked back to where Coetzee was waiting.
A testimony given by Coetzee as a State witness at the start of the trial on 04 September this year said when Eiman and Jahrs reached him, Eiman allegedly told Coetzee that he stabbed the unknown man about five times with a knife.
Eiman however denied stabbing the man, or telling Coetzee about it. He also said he did not see Jahrs stabbing the unknown man.
Jahrs also admitted to slapping the “unknown man”, but said he did not stab him.
The next morning, Witbooi’s body was found lying at the spot where the two said they left the unconscious unknown man. Court records show that Witbooi’s body had eight stab wounds, which were suspected to have caused his death.
The case was postponed to 22 November for the continuation of the trial.
Eiman is represented by Stephanus Isedor Coetzee and Jahrs conducted his own defence.
Prosecutor Veiko Alexander represented the State, while Magistrate Sensley Zisengwe presided over the case in the Keetmanshoop Regional Court.