ALGIERS, An international seminar on regulatory initiatives in the management of non-military air threats is being held here this week at the Army National Club of Algiers as part of the implementation of the plan of action drawn up under activities of the multilateral military co-operation of the 5 5 Defence Initiative which involves five African and five European Mediterranean nations.

Algeria’s Ministry of National Defence said in a statement here that the two day seminar which began Monday, is organized by the Algerian Air Defence Command and is in line with the action plan adopted by defence ministers of the the 5 5 Defence Initiative member countries and as instructed by Deputy Minister for National Defence and Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army Lieutenant-General Ahmed Gaid Salah.

The meeting is intended to help draw up an approach aiming at regulating the measures necessary to counter non-military air threats. “These measures should be based on efficient and flexible laws in order to ensure optimum readiness for immediate and effective response in case of non-military air threats,” the statement said.

Conferences and interventions will be held on “the definition and identification of different types of non-military air threats, including air safety in the 5 5 Defence Initiative’s common interest area, as well as the study and analysis of different legal and organizational procedures to deal with these threats in real time”.

The member countries of the 5 5 Defence Initiative are Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, Libya, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Malta.