The Stutterheim Miracle [press release]

The Eastern Cape town of Stutterheim, administrative centre of the municipality of Amahlathi, is producing a miracle of which we as Agang SA citizens can all be proud and can draw huge inspiration. Their small team of activists have in a matter of weeks built an Agang SA constituency numbering several hundred paid-up members and the number is growing daily.

Most amazingly of all, the Stutterheim team’s stellar performance has been achieved with minimal expense which proves the old adage that there is simply no substitute for hard work.

The Stutterheim team’s leader is Margie Marr and here’s their story:

The team of Amahlathi Activists are myself, Simphiwe Mpbambani and Vuyokhazi Nkola (Zanele). The three of us are the anchor team and when we go out to different areas we take along another member with us

so as to involve them in fieldwork. They find it very rewarding and learn from us as we go along doing door to door campaigns and hanging boards.

The additional names are Noncebe Mxenge, Vuyani Mandleni and Nolundwe Tofu as well as Hamilton Nokama.

We are all very proud Agang SA members. The field work is the most important aspect of building Agang SA.

As we set off on our daily trips into the villages we move in groups of two and pay visits to as many homes

as possible. Time is spent explaining who our Leader, Dr. Ramphele, is and what Agang SA stands for.

This often takes some time as many of the people in the villages are not able to read but have a good understanding when they get a grasp of the values of Agang SA.

The most important thing for me is to sit in the homes of our members and feel their pain and hear the difficulties

they face. Only then are we able to honestly know what our country is facing and the challenges that lie ahead for Agang SA.

We spend so many happy hours on our trips signing up members and one of the most important thing to

remember is that each member is invaluable to the organisation. Everyone counts and each one has to be looked after not only now but after the elections. The biggest fear they have is that they are forgotten by those they have voted for.

I plead with all those who will find themselves elected into the various positions, never forget the members who placed their faith in you in order to improve their lives and to look after the members by reporting back

to them. Field work should is so important as their tends to be a gap between the leadership elected and those people on the ground.

All those out there campaigning for Agang SA make it fun, enjoy interacting with the members as you sign them up and convince them to vote for Agang SA. In a few weeks we have grown in vast numbers

and urge you all to enjoy what we are doing.

Source : Agang South Africa