Social Development on Departmental Branding on Luxury Cars [press release]

The Department of Social Development has noted with concern the photographs circulating on social media showing an Audi TT and other luxury vehicles displaying the department’s branding and National Coat of Arms.

The department would like to put it on record that these vehicles are not the property of the department, nor do the vehicles have any links to the department.

The department procures its official vehicles for use by staff on official business in line with the Public Finance Management Act, Treasury regulations for departments, constitutional institutions, public entities, Parliament and provincial legislatures, as well as the 201314 Treasury Instruction on Cost Containment Measures, with which the procurement of luxury vehicles does not comply.

The use of the department’s brand and the National Coat of Arms without permission is a criminal offence. The department has instituted an inquiry into the reported use of its brand and National Coat of Arms with the view to taking further action on the matter.

Issued by: Department of Social Development

Source : South African Government