SMEs Urged to Backup Data

NETWORK Attached Storage servers are seen as the most effective backup storage solution for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Simon Campbell-Young, Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Distribution, the leading broad-based distributor of software and hardware backup solutions, said trying to keep up with this overwhelming, constant influx of data, and finding and investing in the latest backup and recovery technologies for them can be a challenge, especially for SMEs with more modest budgets.

“That is why Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a good option for smaller businesses and why it has gained popularity in the SME space.

“A NAS device typically consists of a specially designed computer – actually more like a first-level data storage server – without a display or keyboard, and it contains one or more hard drives which runs on an operating system designed specifically for the management and administration of those files. It is a great solution for any business or home user that has multiple computers on one network,” said Campbell-Young.

While some NAS servers simply act as a way to backup and share files across your network, others – such as the Buffalo LinkStation and TeraStation NAS units distributed in South Africa by Phoenix Distribution – have additional functionality such as the ability to stream media and share a printer among networked devices, the official said.

“Buffalo’s LinkStation NAS is ideal for a home and small office, while the TeraStation line of network storage devices, which represents Buffalo’s NAS and iSCSI – an acronym for Internet Small Computer System Interface – Unified Storage solutions are more suitable for professional and business-class.

“ISCSI is an IP-based storage networking standard for linking data storage facilities,” Campbell-Brown explains.

TeraStation contains high availability storage technologies like RAID, hot-spare and real-time replication, offering reliablility and high performance,” Campbell-Young said.

Originally specialising in software distribution, the company has evolved to encompass wireless networking, NAS devices and accessories such as Dr Dre Beats headphones. Under Campbell-Young’s leadership, the company has expanded its footprint into Africa and now employs 60 staff, with offices in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya and the United Kingdom.

New developments include offices in Lagos and the Middle East.

Source : CAJ News Agency