SA Oil Firm Deploys ERP Solution

BRENT Oil, South Africa’s largest and fastest-growing non-refining fuel wholesaler, has implemented an enterprise resource planning solution to enhance its operations.

It is envisaged the implementation of the Sage ERP X3 enterprise application suite will tighten financial controls, improve efficiencies, and streamline its business processes.

Sage Premier Business Partner, AccTech Systems was the implementation partner for the project.

Brent Oil decided to implement a robust enterprise resource planning solution – ERP, after its rapid growth in the petrol, diesel and lubricants sector demanded that it put systems in place that would allow better real-time visibility for the business, officials said, adding the company selected AccTech Systems and Sage ERP X3 for this project because both have g reference sites in the South African oil and gas sector.

“We operate in a price sensitive industry with thin margins, which means that the smallest error could be the difference between making a profit or loss.

“For that reason, we need a rock-solid back-office system that gives us the confidence that we are calculating costs such as transport accurately and that we are billing our customers with operations in different parts of the country correctly,” says Henry Erasmus, COO at Brent Oil.

He said Sage ERP X3 cost-effectively addressed that need, while offering enough flexibility to support the growth of our business into the future.

“What’s more, the solution has excellent functionality for our industry, catering for needs such as accurate scheduling for our 40-tanker transport fleet and complex product pricing that varies between regional zones,” Erasmus said.

Given the complex needs of the fuel retail industry, customers such as Brent Oil need solutions that are equally g on the operational and financial sides of the business,” says Tertius Zitzke, CEO for AccTech Systems.

“Trusted by petrochemical companies across the globe, Sage ERP X3 gives companies such as Brent Oil the operational and business intelligence tools they need to drive better performance in an industry that depends on accurate, real-time information.

“Other systems implemented include: Fixed Assets and Business Intelligence,” added Zitzke.

Source : CAJ News Agency