´╗┐Presidency Rejects Newspaper Aisor Report

The Presidency on Sunday said it was surprised that the Sunday Times newspaper has totally disregarded its responses to questions posed about a Department of Energy official, Senti Thobejane, who the paper incorrectly identified as an aisor to President Jacob Zuma in its report.

According to the Presidency, the paper sent questions on Thursday asking if the official was a technical aisor, and what position he held in the Presidency.

“A response was sent back promptly on the same day, indicating that Thobejane was not in the employ of the Presidency and held no position in the institution,” said the Presidency.

It added that its response has been completely omitted in the story.

“This behaviour flies in the face of all journalistic norms and ethics and is completely unacceptable,” the Presidency said on Sunday.

Officials of government departments are asked from time to time to provide information to the Presidency.

The Presidency said Thobejane, like other officials in the Department of Energy, is requested at times to provide information on areas that he has expertise in.

“Such officials do not automatically become aisors to the Presidency or the President. They remain officials of the Departments where they are employed,” said the Presidency. – SAnews.gov.za

Source : SAnews.gov.za