Open Letter to Helen Zille [press release]

The Premier

Western Cape Government

amp All Members of the Press

Dear Premier Zille

Both in the DA manifesto and in the various media statements you claim that the W Cape is better today than it was and that it is doing all that is possible.

The lived reality of most people of the W Cape is however very different, and tells a different story from your media spin.

Given the fact that the ANC has not appointed a Premier candidate, I would like to challenge you on behalf of Cosatu WC to a provincially televised debate on the state of our Province and the Economy and jobs, at a time and place of your choosing.

I will skip the recent media and rhetoric of how ineffective a leader you are and that the DA appeal and growth is essentially an anti ANC vote. Or how the manner in which you are governing this Province has seen the key indicators go backwards, in respect of unemployment, inequality and poverty. In the light of affording the people of Western Cape the opportunity to make an informed decision – let’s debate the following

1. The increasing levels of inequality in the W Cape, rising over the last few years to higher levels than it was in 1994

2. The lack of integration between white and black communities, with particular reference to the manner in which houses are built

3. The maintaining of the generational aantage of white people in this Province, which is essentially racist

4. The disproportionate number of whites on your election list

5. The extraordinary number of white consultants being employed in all areas of the WC

6. The growing historical hostility between communities in the W Cape as reflected in the farm strikes and your support for farmers against farm workers

7. Your inability to provide leadership for the opposition, leading to South Africa having the weakest opposition Party in Africa, with no prospects of winning National elections

8. Your own control of your party – maintaining the white caucus power in DA, blocking the way for more able inspirational leadership to emerge in DA

9. Your toxic cynicism that borders on anti black and its impact on the separation of many whites from the construction of a SA incorporated

10. Your personal inability to unite and work with those who disagree with your policies.

With your general commitment to debate, I look forward to you providing the date and time for us to debate these issues, as I am sure you will agree that people from the W Cape should not be denied the opportunity of interrogating our Organisations’ policy options. I must caution you though, that I am going to use this opportunity to expose, amongst others, your racist tendencies.


Tony Ehrenreich

Tony Ehrenreich

Provincial Secretary

Source : Congress of South African Trade Unions