On the Occasion of the First Anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s Death. [press release]

Today – the occasion of the first commemoration of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela’s passing on – we must be filled with both honour and humility.

We are filled with honour because Madiba – born amongst us the people of South Africa – lived his life both for us and for the whole of humankind. Every injustice he defeated in our society became a victory over similar injustices in all parts of the world. It is for this reason that when he emerged from the confines of imprisonment the whole world hailed and embraced him as its own son!

But for us, South Africans, Madiba’s imposes humility because daily we carry the task of emulating the example of his life of commitment, honesty, discipline and endurance that he set us all. It cannot be our automatic and exclusive inheritance because we are of South African origin. No. To earn it we must enter the contest with those of other nations who have chosen to make the example of his noble life their on too.

Any other approach to his life would be to reduce stature of the human rights Collosus that Nelson Mandela was. We must daily realize afresh that he gave of himself to generations past, present and those yet to succeed all of humankind!

On behalf of the Congress of the People, we add our modest voice to those of fellow South Africans and others around the world in saying:



Source : Congress of the People