Mandatory health care rules for Dubai a good move: UAE paper

DUBAI: New regulations from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) making the presence of fully-equipped and staffed health clinics in Dubai’s private schools mandatory will come as a great source of comfort for parents, commented a UAE daily.

This is an important development because it means that were there to be a medical emergency at a school, a child will be assured of immediate access to expert medical care and parents can rest assured that their child will be provided timely medical assistance, the Gulf News wrote in its today’s editorial.

The new ruling is comprehensive and pertains to every aspect of health care at school, including the size of the clinic based on the number of students, the modalities of providing emergency aid to children, presence of appropriate medical equipment at the clinic and a confidentiality clause that provides every child the right to privacy.

“School clinics are also expected to maintain a child’s medical records. These are excellent provisions that will ensure no child suffers due to lack of competent medical care, a situation that can often have severe consequences for all the stakeholders in a child’s education the school administration, parents and most important, the child,” the paper concluded.