Limpopo Government on Limpopo Development Plan

The economic growth of this province will see substantial improvements in the next five years to come courtesy of the revised Limpopo Development Plan. The Limpopo Provincial government will launch the Limpopo Development Plan (LDP) which is aimed at bringing qualitative changes in the economy of the province. The Premier Chupu Stanley Mathabatha stressed the aim of growing the economy of this province by 5% in 2019. The purpose of the LDP is to serve as a single reference point for policy-makers in government, private sector, civil society and donors with regard to developmental priorities for Limpopo, bearing in mind that development is about people. One of the key focus area of LDP is to create sustainable economic development, reduce unemployment and eradicate poverty.

The LDP is the overarching strategy for Limpopo Province for the next five years, from 2014/2015 – 2019/2020 financial years. It is the overarching operational medium-term strategy for the province, focussed towards achieving the provincial vision. The main thrust of the LDP is to reduce poverty, unemployment levels and inequality through sustainable economic development and transformation, social development and transformation, as a means of growing the economy.

The LDP also intends to curb the triple challenges that have adversely affected the province and the country at large which are: poverty, inequality and unemployment. Furthermore, the revised Limpopo Development Plan needs to enhance industrialisation and sustainable economic development in the province. This was identified by the Premier when he said, “we have identified infrastructure development, industrialisation and manufacturing as new game changers. This will be in addition to mining, agriculture and tourism”. The plan also proposes strategic thrust and programmatic interventions.

The Limpopo Development Plan’s objectives are:

create decent employment through inclusive economic growth and sustainable livelihoods

improve the quality of life of citizens

prioritise social protection and social investment

promote vibrant and equitable sustainable urban and rural communities

raise the effectiveness and efficiency of a developmental public service

ensure sustainable development (Economic, Social and Environmental aspects)

The inception of LDP is to augment the matric pass rate, electricity supply, sanitation, gross domestic products from 2014 to 2020. The matric pass rate was accentuate by the Premier in the State of the Province Address that the targeted pass rate for this year is 80%. The sanitation and electricity supply as basic amenities will increase from 43% to 50 and from 83% to 90% respectively. The provision of water will increase from 83% in 2014 to 90% by 2020.

All members of the media are invited to the Limpopo Development Plan summit taking place as follows:

Venue: Bolivia Lodge, Polokwane

Date Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Time: 09h00


Phuti Seloba

Cell: 082 807 0796