Limpopo Clinic Says Goodbye to Beloved Clinic Manager

When Magie Mukwevho became the manager of Limpopo’s Tshiungani Clinic, residents say the clinic was in shambles. One woman made all the difference, say patients as Mukwevho retires four years later.

When Mukwevho arrived in the village about 80 kms east of Musina, resident Marie Makuya says the clinic was in such bad shape that she thought it would close.

Fellow resident Manuel Mukhari credits Mukwevho with securing a bigger building for the clinic and desperately needed toilets.

“At the time she came here, there were not enough rooms for (health workers to) work in,” he tells OurHealth. “She made it a point that the clinic got a new building so that there could be enough space to (see) patients.”

Mukhari adds that patients shared just one toilet before the nurse came and multiple toilets were built at the clinic.

Mukwevho says she chose to retire due to personal reasons and that the choice was not an easy one.

“It was an honour to work at the Tshiungani Clinic,” says Mukwevho, who adds that she was welcomed by the community and clinic staff alike.

“Resigning does means not that I have forgotten or abandoned my patients,” she adds. “I still call them ‘my patients’ because I am still available to all those who seek my aice and help on health issues.”

She says she believes she was able to turn the clinic around because of this community support.

“All that is said to be my doings, was not going to be possibly on my own so thank you to my patients for all the support they showed me,” she adds.

Although saddened by Mukwevho’s departure, Mukhari says the community thanks her and wishes her well.

“We wish her all the best in whatever she wishes to do because she has done so much for us and our clinic,” he said. “Some of the things were not going to be possible if it was not for her courage to stand up for us as her patients.”

Source : Health-e