Lagos, health providers cement relations

ABUJA: THE Lagos State Government has urged health facilities operators and health care service providers in the state to complement its efforts to prevent and control infection in their facilities.

The Special Adviser to the State Governor on Public Health, Dr Yewande Adeshina, made the call at stakeholders meeting.

The state’s Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Agency (HEFAMAA) organised the meeting.

Adeshina noted that there was a need to put in place a mechanism that would ensure holistic prevention and control of infections between patients.

She noted that Infection Prevention Control (IPC) was the engine box behind a successful healthcare delivery system which requires that procedures or guidelines to prevent and control infections in health facilities must be put in place and adhere to at all times.

Adeshina said the agency was solidly behind improving the relationship between the government as a regulator and healthcare providers as operators.

HEFAMAA Chairman, Dr Tayo Bello, highlighted and re-emphasized the roles of HEFAMMAA to include monitoring and accreditation to ensure that health care providers meet certain requirements in the provision of qualitative care.

“We design our monitoring role to ensure continuous improvement in health facilities operations. We give room for improvement in as much as we encourage a highly professional ethics in the course of providing quality healthcare services,” he said.