First We Take Your Gold, Then We Take Your Money – the EFF’s First National People’s Assembly Ends With a Revolutionary Warning [analysis]

The EFF’s long weekend swung from a peaceful love-in to angry hate-fest to smiling hug-a-thon. Disgruntled delegates were no longer burning apparel, and exhausted Fighters filled the hall to get a classic dose of Juju. They weren’t disappointed. He’s after the mines, and he’s after the banks–and he’s coming for them in 2015.

“It’s been a hectic year,” said Julius Sello Malema as he closed his party’s First People’s Assembly. Yeah, no kidding. From zeroes to heroes at warp speed, Malema and his merry band of revolutionaries have come to define the political space as no other upstart movement in this country’s (admittedly short) political history. Nuclear politics: light fuse, quote Marx, observe mushroom cloud.

The last time he left Mangaung, Malema was another of Zuma’s casualties, shipped off to the political cryogenic freezer where he was supposed to be experimented on by future generations, a textbook case of later-stage ANC-itis. Instead, he re-animated himself, and became another South African Lazarus. This time, he left as the president of his own–by which I mean his own–party, jacked up on the democratic amphetamines of an electoral assembly, ready to take on the universe.

Photo: Julius Malema votes at…

Source : Daily Maverick