Fear grips Mandera as terrorists roam freely

NAIROBI: MARAUDING Al Shabaab militants, who have killed hordes of Kenyans and Somalis during reign of terror, are reportedly roaming freely in Mandera County.

The militants unleashed a new wave of attacks targeting local communities resulting in a total of 64 people being killed over the past month.

They ambushed a bus and killed 28 non-Muslims on November 22 before raiding a quarry at Koromey in Mandera killing a total of 36 people on December 2.

The Africa Union (AU), United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, among others, roundly condemned the attacks.

Their free movement has instilled deep fear among local residents fearing they could be next victims.

Several residents told the government they lived in fear since the recent two attacks that killed more than 60 people.

The meeting was held between the government and concerned residents in Jenaveve on Monday.

Government official, Alex Nkoyo, called upon the local communities to report any suspicious people within communities.