DA Calls for PSC Investigation Into Mbombela Jobs-for-Cadres Scandal [press release]

The DA will request the Public Service Commission (PSC) to investigate allegations of a jobs-for-cadres scandal in Mbombela Municipality in Mpumalanga.

Reports indicate that 30 officials have been appointed on the basis of their ANC-card carrying status. This is a classic case of cadre deployment at local government level. For years, the ANC has been using this disgusting technique to reward its cadres with high-paying positions, even if they are not up to the job.

This is why so many ANC-run municipalities can’t deliver services to the people. These municipalities are weighed down by inexperienced and unqualified cadres who do not know how to do the jobs they have been given.

What’s worse is that the ANC is willing to go to great lengths to cover up these scandalous appointments. An official in Mbombela Municipality, Mthokozisi Mhlongo, was suspended after lodging a complaint to the relevant bargaining council. Whistle blowers like Mr Mhlongo must be celebrated and respected for their courage in exposing the corrupt activities of ANC cadres. Instead, they are hounded out of the public service in order to protect the interests of corrupt cadres.

It is the role of the Public Service Commission – in terms of Section 196 (4)(f)(i) of the Constitution – to investigate and evaluate, on receipt of any complaint, “the application of personnel and public administration practices, and to report to the relevant executive authority and legislature”.

In terms of Section 197 (3) of the Constitution it states that: “No employee of the public service may be favoured or prejudiced only because that person supports a particular political party or cause”.

The municipal officials involved, and in particular municipal manager, Noko Seanego, should all be fired if the investigation finds them guilty.

The PSC has been established by the Constitution to protect the public service from party-political abuse. It is high time that a clear message is sent to corrupt public representatives and municipal officials that political meddling in municipal business will not be tolerated.

Kevin Mileham

Shadow Minister of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs

Source : Democratic Alliance