Cyril Finds Madiba Magic – the Morality Ticket to the Top [analysis]

Cyril Ramaphosa had the one thing nobody else in the world could ever claim – Nelson Mandela’s endorsement to be president of South Africa. He has never used this to further his political ambitions. But in a morass of multiple leadership failures, he is finding his place and making the right moves – all very subtly. This week he delivered a memorial lecture on Mandela, which hit all the right notes and presented the message a scandal-fatigued country needed to hear. Is it finally Cyril’s time to shine?

Yes, Daily Maverick has certainly been writing a lot about Cyril Ramaphosa lately. How could we not? He is effectively running South Africa, taking the heat from the opposition in Parliament, fighting fires at the besieged parastatals, comforting the bereaved families when the bodies of those killed in the Nigeria building collapse were repatriated, and riding to Cosatu’s rescue. While President Jacob Zuma occasionally dips his toe in the firepool, Ramaphosa is the one making a splash at the deep end.

Ramaphosa has been careful not to look and sound too ambitious, and makes it clear that he simply does what he is told to do. As Zuma continues…

Source : Daily Maverick