Cosatu Free State Urges Workers and Communities to Buy Proudly South African Products This Christmas and Into the Future [press release]

COSATU Free State welcomes the festive season and would like to urge workers and the community to invest in our economy as we spend our hard earned bonuses and lsquostockvel’ payouts this December.

Buying Proudly South African Products would put the money spent back into our local economy and boost the local industries to create jobs for the unemployed masses of our country. On the other hand buying fully imported goods takes the money spent out of our country. The process local factories who would have provided us with jobs to be able to buy in the first place would continue to be suffocated.

Imported goods have suffocated the local textile and garment factories and as a result unemployment has been exacerbated in the process as more as more and more factories continue to be closed down in favour of imported and often low quality garments.

It is the light of such that COSATU Free State calls on the community to be biased to Proudly South African products when making their festive purchases this December and going forward into the future. We implore upon our communities to be more patriotic to their country this time around as they go out and spend their hard earned cash.

Be patriotic and buy Proudly South African products!

Source : Congress of South African Trade Unions