Cooperation Agreement With Turkey a Gimmick [press release]

The City of Cape Town’s cooperation with Turkey is another gimmick to justify the huge amounts of money that the Mayor and her DA team spend on flights around the world. There are areas that require urgent services to people who are desperate for basic services. The Mayor rather uses these funds to jol around the world, wasting the City’s funds on silly gimmicks.

This City of Cape Town wastes more money than any other city in South Africa, on gimmicks that only benefit the White communities and create jobs for White pals. The Mayor jols around the world making silly agreements that have no value to the people of the City of Cape Town.

COSATU calls on the Mayor to stay in Cape Town and do the work required for people to improve their lives and to stop the racism in Cape Town. If she wants a paid holiday or a trip abroad, she must request that the DA to pay for it, not the tax payers of Cape Town.

Source : Congress of South African Trade Unions