Aviation agency warns of inclement weather

LAGOS: THE Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has alerted airlines operating in the country of impending adverse weather condition which might disrupt flight operations.

The aviation authority also advised passengers travelling along any of the local routes, to expect flight cancellation due to the predicted bad weather conditions.

NCAA in a statement said airline should expect thunderstorms, lightning and turbulence as the rainy season sets in.

According to NCAA, most severe of these weather conditions would be the wind-shear, occurring along the flight path.

The agency warned that this could cause abrupt and substantial displacement of the aircraft from its intended path and could become extremely hazardous for aircraft taking off and landing.

It advised airlines’ pilots to obtain en route/destination weather information before embarking on operation of a flight.

The agency said airlines are required to abort their flight if weather condition was unsafe for operation.

It however advised the airline officials to ensure sustained communication to the affected passengers if and when flight cancellation/delay is anticipated or occurs.

“The passengers are accordingly required to remain calm, avoid violence and confrontation with the airline officials as this measure is to ensure their safety,” NCAA stated.

“The NCAA’s primary responsibility is to ensure safe and secure air transportation in the country. We will, therefore, enjoin intending passengers to exercise restraint/understanding in the event of any weather related cancellations/delays,” the agency added.