Audi S1 Quattro – Irresistible Dynamic Charm in a Sporty Package [analysis]

Audi’s S-cars are ubiquitous members of the Four Rings clan: sportier, rortier and certainly quicker versions of their bread and butter counterparts, if not quite as hard-core as the RS models. The only exception has been the A1 range, which has had to do without an S-model – until now. As DEON SCHOEMAN finds out at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, it’s been worth the wait.

It’s taken Audi four years to create an S-badged version of its small A1 hatch. The new S1 is also the first subcompact car from Audi to offer Quattro all-wheel drive. And it reprises a badge worn by Audi’s World Championship-winning Group B rally cars in the 1980s. In other words, this should be a very special little car.

The technical complexities of shoehorning the Quattro all-wheel drive system into the A1’s compact form factor made it seem unlikely that an S-car based on the little hatchback would ever see the light. You see, in the world of Audi, S-cars and Quattro go hand in hand.

But then, the Ingolstadt automaker sprung a surprise by introducing a limited-run A1 Quattro in 2012. Packing a 188kW punch from a two-litre turbo mill, and featuring all-wheel…

Source : Daily Maverick