ANC Takes Forward Madiba’s Legacy [press release]

As the world remembers and honours the memory and legacy of IsithwalandweSeaparankoe Former ANC and South African President Comrade Nelson Mandela, the African National Congress remains committed to carry forward the legacy of this gigantic icon of our struggle and father of our nation.

As an organisation, we will forever pride ourselves of the selflessness and unwavering determination to be in service of humanity that Comrade Madiba and his comrades dedicated their lives to. We owe much to them and countless other peoples of the world for the freedom the people of South Africa enjoy today.

A product and maker of history, Comrade Nelson Mandela lived his life pursuing the values and principles of the African National Congress. Chief amongst these was the pursuit of equality, unity, reconciliation and nation building.

It is these abiding and universal ideals that the ANC continues to aspire to in the promotion and protection of Madiba’s legacy. We remain humbled that Comrade Nelson Mandela, in his last will and testament, bequeathed to this organisation, in word and in deed, the responsibility to continue to uphold the values that he lived his life for. To this end, the African National Congress has begun work to establish a trust which will be formed from the bequest left to the organisation by Madiba.

The trust will work together with other sectors of society including academia and civil society to keep Madiba’s legacy alive through the education of generations still to come about the founding values of the African National Congress as lived by Comrade Nelson Mandela and his comrades.

Such work is important to ensure that those who will only read of Comrade Madiba through the annals of history, are provided an opportunity to critically engage on these values and how they should continue to shape and guide South Africa and the world in the pursuit of a better life for all.

There can be no greater honour to Madiba than for us all to come together and recommit ourselves to the fulfilment of his pledge to liberate our people from the continuining bondages of ldquopoverty, deprivation, suffering, gender and other discrimination. A united nation at peace with itself must be the inspiration that guides our people today and beyond.

Issued by

Zweli Mkhize

Treasurer General

African National Congress


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Source : African National Congress