ANC Disturbed By Developing Perception of ‘A Justice System That Serves the Rich’ [press release]

The African National Congress has noted with concern the judgment delivered by the Western Cape High Court yesterday in the murder trial of Shrien Dewani.

The court’s decision to acquit Shrien Dewani of murder has fed into a developing perception in society that, particularly in recent cases involving gender based violence, our criminal justice system serves the rich and prominent in society rather than protecting the most vulnerable in these instances the victims who are women.

Such a perception of “a justice system that serves the rich” is worrying as it could serve to weaken our people’s confidence in the criminal justice system, which is often the last and only resort designed to protect women and deliver justice for all.

Speaking on the occasion of the National Women’s Day Celebrations in 2013, President of the Republic of South Africa, Comrade Jacob Zuma said, “Thanks to the struggles of women, our country’s Constitution recognises women as equal citizens, with equal rights and responsibilities. The democratic dispensation also continues to be driven by this sensitivity to the rights of women, recognising women’s rights as human rights.”

The African National Congress is extremely concerned about the high violence against women in the country. Recognising and upholding women’s rights therefore demands doing more to ensure that our g legislative and regulatory framework as well as our robust criminal justice system are not seen to be failing women when they approach the courts for protection and justice.

The ANC therefore is calling upon the criminal justice system in its entirety encompassing law enforcement, prosecution and correctional supervision to prioritize the proper prosecution, conviction and correctional supervision in all cases ensuring that our people’s confidence in the system and the judiciary in particular is unshaken.

Issued by

Zizi Kodwa

National Spokesperson

African National Spokesperson


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Source : African National Congress