Abba pledges to ensure police uphold human rights

ABUJA: THE Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Suleiman Abba, has pledged his force’s commitment to upholding human rights of Nigerians and all residents therein.

The police chief thus directed Commissioners and all Police officers to maintain these standards.

According to a statement by Emmanuel Ojukwu, Force Public Relations Officer, Abba made the statement in commemoration of the International Human Rights Day 2014 as further proof of his commitment to respect the rights of Nigerians.

The day will be marked on Wednesday with theme, “Human Rights 365.” Abba said the said the recent launch of the Nigeria Police Force Human Rights Practice Manual was a poignant example of his administration’s commitment to upholding human rights.

The document was produced with the support from Altus Global Alliance, Department of Foreign International Development (DFID), Cleen Foundation, Justice for All Nigeria (J4A) and the Embassy of Switzerland.

“The Human Rights Practice Manual is a legacy of IGP Abba-led Police Management Team and bears eternal testimony to the Force’s unflinching resolve to expose all personnel of the Nigeria Police Force to practical and theoretical aspects of Human Rights based approaches to policing in conformity with global best practices,” Ojukwu stated.

He added a milestone follow-up to the launch of the Human Rights Manual is the creation of a Human Rights Desk.

“The Desk Officers are tasked with ensuring that rights of suspects are protected and cared for, giving fillip to IGP Abba’s commitment to walk the talk in observance of the Human Rights of all Nigerians irrespective of class, creed and tongue,” said Ojukwu.

Within the regular Nigerian Police Force, there have been reports of high amounts of corruption and violations that include extortion and embezzlement.

The police force reportedly takes advantage of the people by putting up roadblocks that require a fee to pass and taking money for no legal reason.