A New Chapter for Glenmore [press release]

The village of Glenmore is situated about 50 kilometres east of what used to be the easternmost border of the Cape Colony. In those days it was frontier territory. Later it became the border between of Ciskei which, like other ‘independent’ Bantustans, was a dumping ground for the victims of forced removals. Glenmore was the product of one of the worst such forced removals when whole communities (men, women amp children), the remnants of their homes and their possessions were loaded onto trucks and transported to an inhospitable region of Ciskei and literally dumped and left to survive as best they could. Many did not.

The story of the Glenmore community is one of abuse by the Apartheid regime and one of neglect by the democratic government relative to what is needed and how much more should have been achieved.

Agang SA citizen, Ben Mafani, a young man at the time of the removal, still has a home at Glenmore where he spends much of his time. He has waged a lone campaign to draw attention to the ongoing plight of the Glenmore community and to the misappropriation of resources allocated to Glenmore. To draw attention to the injustice of Glenmore, Ben has adopted the controversial method of hurling a symbolically decorated rock at the windows of the High Court in Grahamstown. He has done so on three occasions and has on each time been arrested and prosecuted for malicious damage to property.

Agang SA is not the first party to which Ben has aligned himself in the hope of support for his cause. On each occasion he has been disappointed.

Over the past weekend, Agang SA members from the neighbouring municipality of Makana, accompanied Ben to see the conditions of Glenmore for themselves and to inspire other Glenmore residents to follow Ben by also joining Agang SA. They were given a heartwarming welcome by a people who have often been described as “forgotten” and who feel as if they are.

More links with the Glenmore community have now been forged and this last weekends visit is just the beginning of an ongoing relationship which Agang SA members in these parts want to establish with the Glenmore community that will stretch well beyond the coming election.

Photo caption: Amandla! Ben Mafani (left front), fellow Agang SA citizens including lifelong friend and struggle comrade, Sigidla Ndumo (2nd right), and Glenmore residents, salute a fresh chapter in the Glenmore community’s pursuit for redress.

Source : Agang South Africa