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Speakers in General Assembly Event Urge ‘Dramatic’ Increase in Private Investment, Pooled Resources to Meet $6 Trillion Annual Cost of Sustainable Development Goals

While a daunting $90 trillion would be required to tackle sustainable development challenges in the coming years, speakers at today’s General Assembly Action Event warned that the cost of inaction would ultimately be far deeper, …

WEATHER FLASH: Torquay seafront flooded, road closed

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TORQUAY seafront has been closed to traffic because of flooding.

As high winds and rain hit the resort today, waves over-topped the seafront and flooded the road between Torquay and Paignton.

Torbay Council

Why Barack Obama's legacy could be sunk by Donald Trump

The rain shaman who brings good weather to weddings, election launches and other events

The Most Deadly Disease of 2017 Won’t Be What You Expect

The biggest killer disease in 2017 isn’t going to be HIV. Not Ebola, either. Or Zika or pandemic influenza, or even drug-resistant tuberculosis. The disease that will kill the most people in 2017 will be

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