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Press Releases: Joint Statement of the Security Consultative Committee

The text of the following statement was released by the Governments of the United States of America and Japan.

Begin Text:

I. Overview

The U.S.-Japan Alliance (“the Alliance”) is the cornerstone of the Asia-Pacific region’s …

Department Press Briefings : Department Press Briefing – August 10, 2017

2:34 p.m. EDT

MS NAUERT: Hey, Dave.


MS NAUERT: Welcome back.


MS NAUERT: How was France?

QUESTION: I’ve just been to Manila.

MS NAUERT: You’ve been to Manila. Okay.


Strengthening Nuclear Law in Africa: Workshop on the Way Forward

Legal and regulatory experts from 20 African countries expanded their knowledge on international and national legal frameworks for the regulation of radiation sources in medicine, industry, research and other areas, at a workshop at the …

Speakers in General Assembly Urge Head of New Counter-Terrorism Office to Strengthen United Nations System Coordination towards Preventing, Ending Menace

The new Counter-Terrorism Office marked a milestone in efforts to improve United Nations efficiency in fighting terrorism, delegates in the General Assembly said today, calling on its freshly appointed head to strengthen coordination among the …

Nuclear Medicine Professionals in Africa Trained on Radiation Safety

Despite growing needs, opportunities for professionals in Africa to receive training in nuclear medicine are limited due to shortage of experienced staff, facilities and equipment. To address this need, the IAEA organised a course in …

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