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US warship in west Pacific for Japan navy drills: Tokyo

NNA – The US supercarrier Carl Vinson will start joint exercises with Japan’s navy on Sunday, Tokyo’s defence ministry said, as the warship passes through the western Pacific after days of contention over its whereabouts.…

Enhancing Regulatory Framework for Nuclear Security in Africa

Strengthening national regulatory frameworks for nuclear security against threats from malicious acts involving nuclear or other radioactive material in Africa is the main objective of a comprehensive IAEA project on ‘Enhancing National Regulatory Frameworks for …

The worry over North Korea

North KoreaThe worry over North Korea

Published 21 April 2017

The risk of war on the Korean peninsula is low, says a nuclear arms expert. “Both sides are rattling sabers, but neither side is

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Sean Spicer, 4/19/2017

James S. Brady Press Briefing Room 

12:08 P.M. EDT

MR. SPICER:  Good afternoon, everyone.  Thanks for joining us a little earlier than normal today.  I want to make sure that the pool has plenty of …

Remarks by the Vice President Aboard USS Ronald Reagan

Yokosuka Naval Base
Yokosuka City, Japan

THE VICE PRESIDENT:  Lieutenant General Martinez, Major General Chiarotti, Vice Admiral Aucoin, Vice Admiral Doman, Rear Admiral Williams, Rear Admiral Carter, Rear Admiral Inoue, Rear Admiral Shimo, Captain Donnelly, …

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