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United Nations Conference to Negotiate Ban on Nuclear Weapons Holds First Organizational Meeting, Adopts Agenda for 2017 Substantive Session

The United Nations Conference to negotiate a nuclear-weapon ban elected its president today, and adopted — as orally revised — the draft provisional agenda for its four-week substantive session, to begin in March.

Holding its …

N. Korea slams UN condemnation of missile launch

NNA – North Korea defended its latest ballistic missile launch and slammed UN Security Council condemnation in a defiant statement Wednesday, as tensions escalate over the reclusive state’s recent behaviour.

The communique from the North’s …

North Korea Clearly Wants to Test Trump

The timing is key. “North Korea launched a ballistic missile toward the sea off its eastern coast on Sunday, in what South Korea called the North’s first attempt to test President Trump’s policy on the

North Korea test fires missile, apparently challenging Trump

NNA – North Korea appeared to fire a ballistic missile early Sunday in what would be its first such test of the year and an implicit challenge to President Donald Trump, who stood with the …

Abductees Remain Casualties of Nuclear Stand-off with North Korea

By Brian Padden February 08, 2017

Human rights and abductee advocacy groups say time is running out for many desperate and frustrated South Korean families seeking to resolve the fate of loved ones abducted by …

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