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Divisions over Resolution on Settlements Deemed Illegal Risk Destroying Peace Prospects, Special Coordinator Tells Security Council

Israelis, Palestinians Must Create Conditions for Direct Final-Status Talks, He Stresses, as Each Side Takes Opposing View of Text

Divisive positions among Israelis and Palestinians following last month’s adoption of resolution 2334 (2016) risked destroying …

Press Releases: A Conversation With John Kerry: Diplomacy in an Era of Disruption with Tom Friedman

MR SCHWAB: Good afternoon, and before we start our session – and I know, Mr. Secretary, you will be in very good hands with my friend Tom Friedman – but allow me to be very …

Written question – Rights of garment workers in Bangladesh – E-008951/2016

The garment industry in Bangladesh is second only to China’s in size and employs about four million people, mainly women, in approximately 3 500 factories. Ready-made garments account for nearly four-fifths of the country’s exports …

Humanity Affirming News from Jimmy Carter

The 92-year-old ex president is one big step closer to outliving the last Guinea worm. “ Mali has eliminated Guinea worm disease bringing the world a step closer to eradicating the debilitating parasitic disease that

Press Releases: Remarks at the U.S. Institute of Peace's Passing the Baton 2017: America's Role in the World

MS WOODRUFF: Thank you, Nancy. I’m delighted to be here and, Mr. Secretary, I understand you sprinted across the street. Is that right?

SECRETARY KERRY: My sprinting days are reduced, but I came. I got …

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