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CALENDRIER du 24 avril au 30 avril 2017

(Susceptible de modifications en cours de semaine)

Déplacements et visites


Lundi 24 avril 2017

Mr Frans Timmermans receives Mr Michael Ignatieff, President and Rector of the Central European University (CEU).

Ms Federica Mogherini in Moscow, …

Launching 2017 Coordination Segment, Economic and Social Council Adopts 10 Decisions, Elects Subsidiary Body Members amid Debate on NGO Participation

The Economic and Social Council today adopted 10 decisions and elected dozens of members to its subsidiary bodies, as it kicked off the coordination and management meetings of its 2017 session.

The bulk of today’s …

Speakers in General Assembly Event Urge ‘Dramatic’ Increase in Private Investment, Pooled Resources to Meet $6 Trillion Annual Cost of Sustainable Development Goals

While a daunting $90 trillion would be required to tackle sustainable development challenges in the coming years, speakers at today’s General Assembly Action Event warned that the cost of inaction would ultimately be far deeper, …

Secretary-General Appoints Fekitamoeloa Katoa ‘Utoikamanu of Tonga High Representative for Least Developed, Landlocked, Small Island States

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres today announced the appointment of Fekitamoeloa Katoa ‘Utoikamanu of Tonga as High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States. She will succeed Gyan …

Commission on Population and Development Fails to Adopt Outcome Document as Fiftieth Session Concludes

‘It Is a Major Failure,’ Says Chair, as 3 Draft Decisions Win Approval of Members

Concluding its fiftieth session today, the Commission on Population and Development failed to reach consensus on its outcome document, while …

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