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A letter from Ben Bradshaw on Article 50: 'I will not vote to…

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The following is a letter from Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw:

Exeter sends more of its exports to other European Union countries than any city in Britain. A report by the Centre for Cities

Latest: Taoiseach backs Theresa May call for ‘friction-free’ trade after Dublin talks

Update 7.10pm: British Prime Minister Theresa May has insisted there will be no return to a hard Border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, after Britain leaves the European Union, Writes Daniel McConnell

Exeter more reliant on trading with EU than any other city in the…

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Exeter is more reliant on trading with the EU than any other city in the country, according to a new report.

Centre for Cities released a report today which reveals that 70 per

Answer – EU-SADC relations – E-005436/2016

The Commission published in June 2016 a report on the Economic Impact on the SADC EPA(1) Group — EU Economic Partnership Agreement in which simulation results for 2035 are made. It is estimated that …

Report – Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and its Member States, of the one part, and the SADC EPA States, of the other part – A8-0242/2016 – Committee on International Trade

History of Economic Partnership Agreements

When the Cotonou Partnership Agreement was established in 2000, it called for fundamental changes in the longstanding non-reciprocal trade preferences that had governed the economic and political relationship between the …

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