South Africa: Water and Sanitation On Allegations About E-Coli in Bloemfontein Drinking Water

Allegations about E-coli in Bloemfontein drinking water not true

The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS), Bloemwater and Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality wishes to state that there is no truth in widely spread claims that the Bloemfontein drinking water has E-coli.

Subsequent to these allegations, DWS, Bloemwater and Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality facilitated a process for water to be tested by the experts.

We are pleased to announce that results confirmed that the water being supplied in this area meet the standards set by the South African National Standards (SANS) at 241:2015.

There is no trace of E-coli and there are no extra dosages of Chlorine used in the reservoirs at this stage.

Should there be anything wrong picked up during routine testing of the drinking water quality, one of the three entities will immediately issue out a public notice.

Communities are urged to use the Mangaung Call Center number 0800 111 300 or (051) 410 6689 should they have any queries about the quality of water. Alternatively, they can call the Department of Water and Sanitation on 0800 200 200.

The Department of Water and Sanitation, Bloemwater and Mangaung Metro Municipality are committed to supply good quality water to the consumers at all times.

Source: : Department of Water and Sanitation.

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