Man bled to death after lancing abscess on his arm

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A MAN bled to death in his home after trying to lance a large abscess on his arm with a knife, an inquest has heard.

Andrew Robinson, 47, an unemployed aircraft engineer, was heard shouting for help by a neighbour in Queen Street, Newton Abbot.

When the neighbour kicked in the locked door he found Mr Robinson dying in a pool of blood.

An inquest into his death found he died from exsanguination or severe loss of blood.

The coroner heard evidence from neighbour and friend Matthew Bardsley who lived in the same block of flats as Mr Robinson.

He said he would often help his neighbour with day-to-day tasks due to his poor health.

A few days before he died Mr Bardsley said he noticed a ‘massive’ abscess on Mr Robinson’s right arm.

On April 24 he saw Mr Robinson in the shop and the pair went back to their flats. Later that day he heard shouts of help.

The door to Mr Robinson’s flat was locked but he managed to kick it open.

An ambulance was called but Mr Robinson was pronounced dead at the scene.

Another friend, Andrew Hitt, told the inquest that Mr Robinson had lost the feeling in his arm following an operation to remove an infection from his spine several years before. He also struggled to walk and used heroin as a buffer for his health problems.

Two days before he died he was admitted to Torbay Hospital and kept in overnight after picking at the cyst with scissors.

A post-mortem found cause of death was exsanguination caused by a self-inflicted wound to the right arm and drug toxicity.

A police investigation found nothing suspicious. There was no evidence he wanted to take his own life.

Ian Arrow, Torbay coroner, said: “He had a large cyst on his right arm. It appears he may have tried to treat it with a large knife. While trying to lance that cyst he’s caused himself to bleed quite extensively.”

He recorded an accidental death.


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